• inventive breeding of vegetable and flower varieties
  • seed production on our own fields as well as individual farmers,
  • packaging seeds,
  • wholesale seeds trade of vegetable, flower, grass, herb varieties
  • tree and shrubs material production,
  • agricultural production,
  • retail and wholesale trade of gardening accessories

The plant breeding is conducted in three centres: in Zielonki, Gołębiew and Weganiec. The equipment and working methods comply with modern standards. Well-educated and dedicated Staff regularly marks significant progress in plant breeding process.

The directions of plant breeding process of new varieties in PlantiCo Zielonki are constantly adjusted to the recipient needs:

  • Crop structure and yield improvement,
  • Morphological features,
  • Quality characteristics,
  • Resistance to diseases, pests and adverse environment conditions,
  • Appropriability to mechanical harvest and sorting,
  • Appriopriability to storage

The seed production is conducted on both our own and the best producer fields in the country. In order to provide the best quality seeds we closely cooperate with foreign producers from Italy, France and China. The seed production is constantly monitored by our specialists.
We have good conditions, corresponding to the modern standards of the seed treatment. Due to that fact we offer high quality seeds for professional, amateur and export production.