Garden Centre

The tree and shrubs nursery Bronisze

The tree and shrubs nursery Bronisze has been engaged in cultivation and production ornamental plants since 1948. There are trees and bushes both leafy and coniferous, balcony and bed flowers in the offer. The company possesses a wide range of plants available in boxes intended to whole year planting, adapted to Polish climate conditions as well as resistant to diseases and pests. The tree and bush seedbed guarantees the plant production, conducted under the constant supervision of qualified and experienced specialists.
Currently in the nursery Bronisze there are construction works to extend the selling point and introduce the full range of garden accessories, fertilizers and agricultural chemicals.

Garden Centre Bronisze
Bronisze, Poznańska 75 Street
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
NIP 527-020-60-62

tel. 22 722 22 91