Seeds for allotmenteers

For hobby market we offer many interesting seed series:

  • Vegetables – professional varieties with high resistance to diseases, good for mechanical harvesting, tasty, meeting the requirements of current gardening market and adjusted to Polish climate conditions
  • Ornamental vegetables
  • Flowers
  • Herbs – we offer 37 most wanted and respected herbs, used in cooking and therapeutics
  • Seeds on tapes with natural fertilizer.

Seeds on tapes allow easier ground seeding. The regular distribution eliminates the break need after the sprout. In the tape seeds offer, a mixture of flower seeds against snails can also be found. This is an innovative product with a double usage- we source blooming, decorative flower bed, which additionally forms a barrier hindering the migration of snails. The mixture consists of.: antirrhinum, clove, dragonhead, nigella, beardtongue, rudbeckia, zinnia.

  • Seeds on discs
  • Seeds for sprouts
  • Pelleted seeds – series of vegetable seeds positions with natural coating allowing seeding with bio-simulator „Nano-gro” increasing the sporuting energy and plant resistance.
  • Organic seeds

The variety cultivation and the whole production of ecological seeds is conducted by using traditional methods of cultivation, according to The European Union requirements and with confirmed certification.

  •  The seeds of „Mini Garden” series. The series includes 27 plants to cultivate on windowsills and balconies as well as in home gardens. Specially selected, easy to cultivate varieties can successfully grow in pots and balcony planters.
  • Hydrogels – there are four types of products in the offer based on hydrogel, which store the water in the bed providing the plants the optimal irrigation.
  • Gardening cultivation labels

The novelty offered by PlantiCo company are labels for gardening cultivating. There are 15 labels to mark the rows of planted seeds in a package.

  • „Starter EKO” – natural coat for seeds, seedlings and bulbs.