Required sale rules considering:

  • Gardening warehouse
  • Chain stores
  • Garden centres
  • Garden shop

The condition of starting a cooperation is signing an appropriate Trade Agreement which warrants cashless money circulation within the payment dates established in Trade Agreement.

Subject to the contractor needs The Trade Agreement can be:

  • concluded for one trade season i.e. from 1-st July to 30-th June next year or can have termless character, then we enclose annually the attachment regulating turnover and discounts in current trading season.

Required documents from the Buyer needed to sign the Trade Agreement:

  • REGON (copy)
  • NIP (copy)
  • Business Activity Certificate (copy)
  • KRS (the last 3 months statement).

PlantiCo Zielonki allows the possibility of seeds return:

  • Maximally 20% of the purchased commodity value bought in current trading season.
  • The condition of return approval is terminable regulation of 90% payment;
  • The deadline of returns execution expires on 30-th June current year;
  • The return covers only over 10 pc., bags of one variety of the same consignment number seeds purchased in current year;
  • The return is brought on the Buyer’s cost;
  • The final payoff date of the selling season is established for the 31-st July.

Returned products cannot be damaged, labelled, flooded, damp, scribbled, stained, with Euro notch torn off.

The buyer encloses to the returned products:

  • name and brand variety,
  • grammage,
  • seed consignment number,
    amount (pc).

The ordered seeds transport depends on the quantity of the order:

  • minimal order of 300 zł (this condition does not concern the online order of retailers where the min. order is 50 zł)
  • own transport- large amount of seeds
  • forwarding trade
  • by post „Priority Package”
  • average delivery time 3 weekdays from placing the order to 12:00 at PlantiCo Zielonki cost
  • the order under 300 zł – the delivery at the Buyer cost

Please order the seeds by sending fax or e-mail on following addresses depending on the region:

fax (22) 722 95 72; tel. (22) 722 93 57 or (22) 722 90 66 ext.117
e-mail: hurtownia@plantico.pl

fax (24) 253 35 87; tel. (24) 254 24 10
e-mail: sprzedaz@plantico.pl

fax (12) 282 50 56; tel. (12) 282 14 12
e-mail: krzeszowice@plantico.pl

Please enclose to the order the exact address where the seeds need to be delivered.